CAALC provides a place to share ideas, promote our culture, and contribute your life experiences and expertise.  Members of CAALC have an emotional and personal investment in making sure the quality of the experience is good for themselves and others. It creates a special circle of friendships and camaraderie that is reflective of our various cultures and traditions.

Strength in Numbers – While living in Lake County can be exciting and satisfying, it’s also challenging, so it helps to know you have the support of an entire community. Whether you want to form a coalition to challenge industry regulations, galvanize members to participate in voter registration, or just need someone to listen and feel connected, having peers to support you is critical.

Learning – Caalc provides a unique opportunity for members to learn from their peers. Youth tutorial opportunities are also available.
Networking – Unique networking opportunities make new connections with peers, business owners, and services.
Sharing Experiences – Showcase your expertise and knowledge. During most community meetings members share their challenges and experiences with each other.
Grow Your Business – Our Free Business Listing has opened up many new doors due to new contacts made via the community.
Meeting Experts – Our group meetings may occasionally feature an expert speaker who shares knowledge among the community members.
Solutions to Problems – Community members are very helpful in helping one another.


  • Support Youth Development
  • Support Scholarship Offers
  • Lake Steel Orchestra
  • Volunteer in Lake County Organizations
  • Promote fundraising efforts
  • Annual Jerk Festival
  • Social events
  • Sports & Recreational Activities
  • Support Disaster Response Efforts
  • Support Caribbean Culture


All members can vote and run for office* in the organization

  • Discount on some events held by the organization
  • Monthly networking opportunities
  • Youth tutorial opportunities
  • Social Network Support
  • Free business listing
  • Exclusive member access

*Exception: Only members with Caribbean roots can run for President or President-elect

Meeting 3rd Saturday each month at 7:00 pm.

Meeting Place: South Lake Presbyterian Church.

131 Chestnut St. Clermont, fl. 34711

Phone: 352-978-0813