Jan Holness-Wilson

A master massage therapist and skin care specialist is a true expert in her field, with an impressive background and a passion for using her skills to help others. Her blend of experience, education, and empathy make  her a standout in the industry. Her specializedtraining in Oncology Protocols is especially notable, as she can provide customized and safe treatments for those living with or undergoing cancer treatment. 

With her extensive expertise, Jan can deliver exceptional care that promotes relaxation, healing, and overall well-being for her clients. With the use of her hands, and multiple modalities, Jan will take you through a transformative experience that leaves you relieved of your discomfort and on your way to healthier skin.
Jan’s approach is holistic and comprehensive, focusing not just on the physical body, but also on the mind and spirit. Her soothing touch and compassionate nature create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that leaves clients feeling renewed and revitalized. Jan is not just a therapist, she’s a true healer that actively gives back in her community.